FNQ Token

The FNQ Token

The FNQ Token is the fuel of our ecosystem, an ERC20 Token running on the Ethereum Blockchain. FNQ serves many functions: formulation of collective opinions (Participation), transfer of value across the ecosystem (Value Transfer), and voting on the future of the protocol (Governance).



When opinions are requested, Advisors are incentivized by knowledge and honesty. Market Creators and Advisors stake FNQ Tokens in Smart Contracts, thus creating supply and demand dynamics for participation.

Value Transfer

The Finnoq ecosystem operates exclusively in FNQ. Every “opinion formation process” is executed in FNQ, as well as the associated rewards for each stakeholder. Rewards are represented in FNQ and distributed to all Stakeholders throughout the three Layers. Further, any foreseeable transfer of value within the ecosystem is made in FNQ.



All FNQ holders decide in which direction the Finnoq protocol steers. Protocol proposals are rolled out by FNQ holders who have staked FNQ Tokens. Collective votes take place on future technical changes, the “Blacklisting” of bad actors, and App approval once accepted into the ecosystem.


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